"SLATKI GUŠTI" SWEETS FESTIVAL is back in the city! Sugar lifting therapy will be held in Zrinjevac from June 8 to 17, 2018, and it comes in the form of cakes, pies, ice cream and pancakes. The best candy stores in Zagreb will make you delay diet for another Monday, and when you need a sweet treat, there are fine wines and champagne, as well as healthy fruit juices for refreshment. For calorie consumption, the bands will be responsible for training throughout the entire festival.

The festival is an ideal opportunity to socialize with your favorite bloggers - we bring the most popular to Zrinjevac where we will have a blogger conference, and we have a blogger from abroad coming who has tens of thousands followers on Instagram!

In addition to the tasting bargain, bloggers will also treat you with the advice of culinary workshops. No more muffin stuck on cups and dry biscuits!

This year you will meet interesting pastry masters and try out the new pies prepared for the traditional Tortoboj. Do not forget to join the spectacular opening of the festival because you can win rich prizes!