Gastro Music Fest - Park Zrinjevac 18. - 27.05.2018


During ten days visitors will be able to enjoy all the senses in flavors, smells and atmospheres. Namely, the entire Zrinjevac will look like an old jazz bar, and Saturday night is night to be in Zrinjevac. Particularly interesting will be on Saturday 19 May. when Gastro Music Fest will be in the right vintage tone. There will be a "Choice for the Best Vintage pan and pot" where everyone will be able to bring their oldest pot and win super-valuable prizes. On the second Saturday, May 26, at noon in the Pavilion, there will be a market of old gramophone records and music equipment, which will make Zrinjevac live in the spirit of old Zagreb.

Over 20 top caterers, from 11am to 23pm, and at weekends until 23:30, will present their street food offer, so we will enjoy the gastronomic specialties of Time, El Toro, Cheese Bar, Panija, Makedonski merak, AperEATivo street bar, Cellara, Poffertjesa, WOK by Matija, Ginger sushi, Lamb lover Club, Amelie and Torterie macaron, Milky Palace, Trdelnik, Soparnika Čorić, Mango bar, Natura bar, Ginglebells, Barcaffe and Bakine tajne. All offers will have affordable price and various tastings and promotions will take place every day.