Days of Ties from October 14 to 18 in Zagreb.


Ties to the World Day of Ties - Academia Cravatica announced the celebration of the Days of Ties Festival from October 14th to 18th in Zagreb. With the opening of the month where the cradle of the Academia Cravatica is celebrated traditionally on October 18, with the celebratory celebration of the World Day of Cravat, this year is the first time a cravat dedicated festival! The Festival of Days of Ties will be held from October 14th to 18th in Zagreb, with a series of public activities and programs that celebrate the ties as a moving Croatian, but also European and world heritage, with the aim of spreading the awareness that Croatia - the countryside ties, in Zagreb - Capital of the Tie. The Festival of the Days of Ties will begin on Saturday, October 14th, by setting up cravats and lintels on forty monuments of Zagreb, sculptures and sculptures of famous and historical personalities, and will thus get its tie from sculptures by Josip Jelačić, Kralja Tomislava, Augusta Šenoe, Marija Jurić Zagorka, Većeslava Holjevca , Petrice Kerempuha and many others.

The official opening ceremony of the Festival of Tie Days will be held at 18.00 with the fountain on Vukovar Avenue with the spectacular performance of the drumming orchestra of Poštasna sataja Kvatva Regija and the establishment of the Kvatvari Regiment soldier, and with light projections on the theme of the City of Zagreb - until the end of the Festival.

The closing date of the festival The Days of the Tie will mark the entire Cravat Party at Opatovina, in Tolkiens's House and Veliki Tolk, with the obligatory dress-code - tie or scarf.

On Sunday, October 15, at St. March marks all the people expecting a historic-military spectacle of the Great Shift Guard of the Joint Historical Combat Unit with a tie led by the Kravat-Regiment, in which more than 60 members of historic units will participate. Along with the Kravat-Regiment, the center of Zagreb will be deploying units: Honorable Protective Battalion of the Croatian Armed Forces, Turopolje Banderry of the Noble Municipalities of Turopolje and Zrinska Garda Čakovec.

On Wednesday, October 18, the central celebration of the World Cravat Day will be held at the European Square, where at 17 o'clock will be the artistic installation of the Croatian-European tie by the author Dinka Domaćinović, with the occasion and celebration program, and everything will be preceded by the Shadow Guard Kravat- the Regiment of St. The Mark, with which the Kravat-Regiment officially ends this year's Change of Guard series.